How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

Teaching your dog to “roll over” is a lovely and entertaining trick. Your dog should be able to sit and lie down on command before you begin. Because this trick has several pieces, it is a little more difficult to teach your dog to roll over than it is to teach him other commands. However, with a little patience, your dog will soon be rolling over. 

Practice the trick in a soft, comfortable environment in which you might return to continue training.

  1. Give your dog the “down” command to start teaching him to turn over. The next step is to get it to start rolling after it’s lying down.
  2. Pull a treat from the tip of its nose toward its shoulder. Your dog’s head should turn to follow the treat. If it does, keep pulling the treat over the dog’s shoulder until it has no choice but to lie down on its side to follow it.
  3. Continue to hold the treat near to your dog’s nose and pull it all the way around, forcing him to roll over to follow it. Praise your dog and give them a treat if they complete the whole roll.
  4. While it would be ideal if your dog turned over completely to follow the treat on the first try, most dogs do not do so. To grab the treat, your dog may jump up, wiggle, or shift its head over to the other side. If this applies to your dog, you can break the training into smaller sections.
  5. It’s frequently easier to introduce the command once your dog is regularly rolling all the way over, regardless of whether you teach it in pieces or not. It’s time to add the command once it’s smoothly following the treat and rolling over each time. Hold the treat in front of him, say “turn over,” and use the treat to entice him over. Practice this several times.

Roll OverReduce The Treats

The last stage in teaching your dog to turn over is to stop tempting him in with treats. Start by delivering the command and waiting a few seconds after your dog has rolled over after hearing it many times. Some dogs pick up on it fast and roll over right away. When the dog has completely rolled over, praise him and give him a treat. 

If your dog does not respond to the command right away, you can gradually remove the treat. Begin by commanding your dog to “turn over,” and then use the treat to lure it a part of the way over. Once the dog is moving, remove the treat. With each training session, gradually reduce the distance you lure your doggo in. Most dogs rapidly pick up on your commands and will be ready to ‘roll over’.

To Conclude 

Roll OverYou should proceed at your dog’s pace; if your dog is nervous about showing his or her tummy, go a bit slower at first to let them gain confidence, and then praise the steps your pup is comfortable with. It’s also critical to keep training sessions brief and energetic. Excessively long training sessions may be irritating for both you and your dog. Maintain a 10-minute training session length and aim to conclude each session on a positive note.