8 Benefits of Feeding Fresh Food To Dogs

Feeding dogs a diet made with real ingredients, like chicken, lamb, paneer, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and french beans offers supreme benefits such as supporting heart health, building immunity, making their coats shine and enhancing eyesight, etc. While dogs can survive on typical dry or canned dog food (just like we might survive a lifetime of eating pizzas and burgers every day), eating fresh, human-grade food provides them with several health benefits.

Consider how much better we feel when we eat a natural diet rich in high-quality proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s the same for your furry friend! The following are some of the benefits of fresh food for dogs:

benefits of fresh food for dogsShinier Coats

Fresh dog food diets contain a blend of oils that have a variety of health benefits, with a shiny, soft coat just being a bonus!


benefits of fresh food for dogsMore Energy

Fresh ingredients are more easily digested, allowing your dog’s body to absorb more energy from the diet. This allows your dog to have more energy available when they need it.


benefits of fresh food for dogsHealthier Eyes

Vitamin A in fresh food helps keep eyes heady from the inside and brighter on the outside.


 benefits of fresh food for dogsFirmer stools

Fibre only comes from natural sources in a balanced fresh diet, unlike processed foods. This means that your dog will be able to utilize more of the food they consume; as a result, their stools will appear smaller and firmer on a fresh food diet!


 benefits of fresh food for dogsHealthier Skin

Zinc, B vitamins, and fatty acids found in fresh dog food diets help soothe and treat a variety of skin issues in dogs and are significantly more powerful when extracted from whole ingredients.


 benefits of fresh food for dogsQuality of Life

One of the major perks of feeding fresh food to your dogs is watching our dogs eat something we know is healthy and nutritious for them at the same time doesn’t compromise on the taste.


 benefits of fresh food for dogsFewer Trips to the Vet

Your dog will have a stronger immune system due to the rich vitamins present in freshly-cooked meals which will result in fewer vet visits. Dogs who suffer from allergies, skin irritation mainly due to processed foods can find relief on a fresh food diet.


 benefits of fresh food for dogsLonger Life

With fresh food feeding, dogs are no longer at risk of developing diseases such as cancers, allergies which are primarily caused by chemicals and additives present in processed foods. This results in a healthy, long, and happy life for dogs.


Like you, your dog is what he or she eats. A fresh food diet has no artificial flavours/colours, preservatives, fillers, or by-products, so you can rest certain that everything going into their fur baby’s stomach is 100% real and natural. Try Benny’s Bowl fresh dog food today and see the difference for yourself!