How To Teach a Dog The Shake Command

“Shake” is a well-known dog trick for a reason. It’s cute, fun for dogs, and super easy to learn. It will dazzle your friends and family and will introduce your dog to new people in a disciplined manner. The objective of teaching your dog the shake command is for him to do it happily and with excitement and understanding.

 Follow these steps to teach your dog the shake command:

  1. To begin, get your dog to sit. Place your hand near your dog’s paw, a few centimeters from the ground, with a treat in your closed fist. If your dog doesn’t know the sit command, teach them that first.
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  2. Your dog will most likely follow his nose to the reward at first, giving you a puzzled expression. Keep the treat in your palm and don’t respond.
  3. Your dog will ultimately raise his paw to see if he can pat the treat from your hand out of curiosity. Say “shake” and hand the treat to your dog as soon as he or she does so. Here’s where you should be celebrating! The first step in teaching your dog to shake hands is to teach him how to do so. Your excitement will also reassure them that they made the right move.
  4. Restart at step one, but this time elevate your hand higher off the floor. When your dog gives you a nose nudge, remember not to reward or respond. Instead, give them the shake command and reward them just when their paw touches your hand.
  5. You may attempt without the treat and with your hand facing up after your pup has grasped the link between instruction and action. They should know what to do when you say “shake”! If not, go back to step one and try again until they understand it!


shake commandRepeat The Steps On Both Paws

Use the following steps to teach your dog to shake successfully with both paws, but only praise/click and reward your dog when he offers to shake with the paw closest to your hand. If your dog first offers the “wrong” paw, don’t scold them; remember, they’re still trying to figure out what you’re asking of them. Wait silently, then praise/click and give lots of treats when they offer you the right paw.



Remember that teaching a command in the closed space of your own house is not the same as doing it in an environment with more distractions. To keep your dog successful, you’ll need to practice “shake” with them in various situations, with increasing degrees of distraction and high rates of reward.

shake commandIn no time, your dog will be shaking hands thanks to these easy steps and recommendations. “Shake” is one of many amusing skills you may teach your dog. It’s one of the most well-known and popular tricks, and after your dog has mastered it, you and your dog can amaze visitors together. Trick training is a fun way to spend time with your dog while also teaching them proper manners and resulting in many lovely interactions.