Which recipe should I choose? What's the basis of choosing a recipe?
All our recipes are completely balanced and are a wholesome meal for your dog. You can choose any recipe based on your dog’s liking and eating habits. We also have a special vegetarian recipe for the vegetarian households
How much Benny's Bowl should I feed my dog in a day?
Small Breed 3-5 kg 5-10 kg 150 gram - 1/2 pack 200 gram - 2/3 pack
Medium Breed 10-15 kg 300 gram - 1 pack
Large Breed 15-20 kg 20-30 kg 400 gram - 1 & 1/3 pack 500 gram - 1 & 2/3 pack
Extra Large Breed 30 - 45 kg 600 gram - 2 packs
Can I give my dog 1 meal of Benny’s Bowl & 1 meal of a different food (homemade or dry/kibble) every day?
Yes you can!
How do I shift my dog from his current food to Benny’s bowl?
Switching your dog’s food abruptly can cause gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting, diarrhea, and a decreased appetite. Any time you decide to change your dog’s food, you should transition to the new diet gradually in order to give your dog’s system time to adjust to the change. Ideally, these transitions should happen over 5-7 days. During this transition, you will gradually incorporate more and more of the new food by mixing it with your dog’s current diet. For most dogs, a good diet transition will look like this:
Why is Benny’s Bowl more expensive than the other fresh foods available in the market?
We try our best to deliver the best quality of food for your dogs in the best possible price. We ensure that no matter what the quality of the ingredients is never compromised and the food that reaches you is always human grade. You may find cheaper fresh food options in the market but it all depends on the ingredients. Other cheaper dog food may use sub-standard quality ingredients and have significantly higher water content just to increase the weight of the pack.
What ingredients do you use, and what do you mean by “human grade”?
Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from trusted vendors and human food suppliers in India. We use only fresh, whole-food ingredients that meet FSSAI standards for human consumption. This means we never use feed-grade ingredients, meat meals, or anything artificial, ensuring your dog is getting only the highest quality, safest nutrients available. We believe in a minimal ingredient diet, which is why we put our ingredients on the FRONT of our packaging. We’re not trying to hide anything or play tricks with paragraphs of ingredients. Everything we put in our food has a purpose for nourishing your pup. Read more about our simple, minimal ingredient recipes, here.
How are your recipes formulated? Do they meet FSSAI standards?
Our recipes are formulated by experienced nutritionists and tested by veterinarians. Our recipes are complete and balanced for all life stages according to the nutritional levels established by FSSAI & AAFCO
Where and how are Benny’s Bowl’s original Fresh recipes made?
Our company started in Benny’s kitchen 20 years ago, when Benny was a healthy doggo who used to eat only fresh. Those original recipes that Benny used to eat were perfected with the expertise of nutritionists. We’re still preparing these family recipes with the same love and commitment to quality, just in a bigger kitchen! Our Fresh recipes are prepared in a FSSAI approved kitchen in Delhi. Each human-grade ingredient is gently cooked at a low temperature and in small batches to maximize nutrient bioavailability. Ingredients are cooked separately, mixed together, and then packed using sophisticated retort technology used to pack food for astronauts which allows shelf life of two years without the use of preservatives or refrigeration.
Why should I feed Benny's Bowl over another diet alternative?
Dogs can survive on commercial pet foods (just as we can get by eating junk food every day!). But, they live longer, healthier lives when nourished with real, fresh ingredients - just like us! The truth is, most commercial pet foods are filled with cheap and potentially harmful ingredients like rendered meat “meals” or powdered meats. Oftentimes, these meats (which can contain roadkill & expired meat!) would never be accepted for human food production. Even so-called “clean” kibbles that exclude meat meals are extruded at such high temperatures that the natural flavor and nutrients of the ingredients are destroyed. They then rely on synthetic vitamins, minerals, colors and spray-on flavors to mimic the smell and taste of real food. Discouraged by these realities and the alarming rise in pet allergies, obesity, and cancer, we created a common sense alternative. When you opt for our Fresh recipes, Benny's Bowl always excludes the junk you’ll commonly find in pet foods. It’s made from only whole ingredients you’d eat yourself. Our meals are prepared with love, using gentle cooking methods to preserve nutrients and palatability. Benny's Bowls is enjoyed by all kinds of dogs from seniors, picky eaters, and sensitive stomachs to vibrant puppies! We’ve seen the powerful health benefits of feeding pets a fresh ingredient diet first-hand. Many of our customers notice boosted energy, shinier coat, healthier skin, smaller stools, and brighter eyes. That’s why we’re on a mission to make high quality dog food radically convenient for busy pet parents, like you. Check out what our customers have to say.
I have a picky eater. What if my dog doesn’t like the food?
If your dog doesn’t love our food, we give you your money back – simple as that. No questions asked.
How does the money back guarantee work?
If your dog doesn't like our food for any reason, we will refund your entire money. In case this happens, just write an email to support@bennybowl.com stating your order details along with your registered mobile number. We will also refund the amount for the opened pack (upto 1). The refund policy can be used within 15 days of the order.
Do I need to consult my vet to feed Benny's Bowl?
While consulting with your vet is not required to switch dog foods, you can always ask your vet for their opinion. They will have your dog’s full medical history and best understand their unique needs. Your vet will be comforted that Benny's Bowl is nutritionally-balanced and formulated by experienced nutritionist.
Why can’t I just make dog food at home?
Many well-intentioned dog owners cook for their pups, and we’re excited when people understand the benefits of a fresh food diet for dogs. That said, it's extremely difficult to ensure without proper testing that the food you're cooking at home meets the nutritional requirements for healthy dogs. Too few or too many nutrients can result in serious complications. That’s why Benny’s Bowl's recipes were formulated by nutritionists - so that you can sleep easy, knowing your pup is getting exactly what they need.
How much does this cost?
The MRP of one 300 gram pack of Benny's Bowl ranges from 325 to 375 depending on the recipe. You can save upto 25% of the cost when you take a monthly subscription.
How do deliveries work? Where do you deliver?
The food will be delivered within 3-5 days after placing the order. We are delivering Pan-India. Deliveries also depend on the plan you choose so as to make it most comfortable and hassle-free for you. You can choose to order the quantities you need as per your convenience in the Shop section. OR you can subscribe to one of our plans and choose to have the food delivered to you weekly or monthly automatically. Subscribe Now. We’ll also send you a reminder email 3 days in advance of upcoming shipments, and a confirmation email with tracking information once an order processes - no surprises here!
How should I store my dog’s food?
The fresh meals do no need to be refrigerated. The food is packed in sophisticated retort technology used to pack food for astronauts which allows shelf life of two years without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. Store the food in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. You can feed the food direcetly, but if your dog is a picky eater, you can also heat the food in a microwave they’ll go crazy for the aroma of a heated meal. The packet inside the box is microwave safe. Once the pack is open, please consume immediately. Open packet can be stored in the fridge for 24 hours.
How can I manage my subscription or cancel my account?
When it comes to managing your subscription, you’re in control! You can adjust portions, rush or delay a shipment, change recipes, and modify shipping or billing information any time online. You may cancel your subscription in the customer portal or by emailing us at support@flyde.in and following the instructions you receive.