Doggos As Mayors? Myth Or Legit.

Imagine a place ruled by dogs. There is no activity, just play. It is free to be lazy in the mud pools and take endless breaks throughout the day. This sounds too good to be true, right? But it turns out that dogs can also hold offices! While some of us think that politicians bribe the public to get votes, these little woofers have proved wrong. These smol dogitos may not be politically active, but they do have human hearts on their toes. Let’s find out who these dog mayors are and which provincial people were smart enough to choose them as symbols of peace.

dogs as mayors myth or legitBosco Ramos: Sunol’s Mascot

Bosco Ramos, better known as Bosco, was a mix of black Labrador and rottweiler in the city of Sunol, California. He would sit in front of bars and eat out meals with friends and guests. In an election founded by locals as a joke, Bosco competed against two candidates and beat them both. As a result, we know him as the first American dog mayor. He used to lead the annual Halloween show and was often  at social gatherings in his official tuxedo. He died peacefully in his sleep in 1994.


dogs as mayors myth or legitLucy Lou: First Female Mayor

Running with the slogan “bitch you can trust”, Lucy Lou was elected mayor of Rabbit Hash in 2008. The eight-week-old red-and-white collie aspired to be an  mayor when she first entered the town of Rabbit Hash. After her first victory, he ran for a presidential position in vain. She served from 2008 – 2016 as mayor and resigned voluntarily after raising funds to rebuild a historic fire-damaged shop.


dogs as mayors myth or legitMaximus the Mighty Dog Mueller II

“He would like to see peace in the world” is the flagpole mayor of the town of Idyllwild, California where he lives. The eight-year-old Golden Retriever has been a ‘lifelong mayor.’ He loves people, he can pose for photographs, and he just loves his job. Mayor Max does not know what a Republican or Democrat means, but he knows how to like it unconditionally.


dogs as mayors myth or legitGoofy Borneman: First elected Mayor

Goofy was the first mayor of Rabbit Hash and ruled from 1998 to 2001. Mr. Goofy was a troublesome dog. Obviously, roaming the streets is not a good idea. Goofy was hit by a car more than once. After running against the other dogs, Goofy Borneman secured a clear victory and became the first elected mayor of Rabbit Hash. Unfortunately, Goofy was unable to use his time and died in July 2001.


 I bet you all are overjoyed by these little politicians working for the betterment of the world. Read more interesting Pet News on our blog.