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All of us adapt our diets according to the temperature and season, so why not for our doggos? The soaring temperature and excessive heat demands an adjustment to the food for our lovely pooches as well. Here’s why a wet dog food diet is highly beneficial for your pooches in summer:


wet dog foodKeeps your pooch hydrated 

Summers can dehydrate your doggos if they are not taken care of. It could lead to severe problems like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and imbalance. To beat the summer heat from causing damage to our pooch’s health, a wet food diet provides that much needed water content for our furry friends. It can help keep your doggos hydrated and leads to increasing the moisture content of their bodies.


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wet dog foodMakes chewing easier (Ideal for small pups and senior dogs)

A wet dog food diet makes chewing easier for our small pups and older dogs. The texture of wet food makes it easier to chew and breaks down the food easily. This is also ideal for dogs who suffer from chronic indigestion. If your pooch is not well and is suffering from gastrointestinal distress, a wet food option is the way to go. 


wet dog foodLow in calories

Wet food contains less carbohydrates and has a higher protein content. This balance helps to maintain your pooch’s weight in many ways. Protein will keep your pooch’s hunger satiated for a longer period. Since it has higher moisture content, wet food is significantly lower in calories. It helps to maintain your pooch’s weight while providing a balanced nutritious meal.


wet dog foodFlavoursome and incredibly appetising

Wet food appeals to your pooch’s sharp senses a lot more. The aromatic smell of this food can lure the pickiest of pooches to try out and eat the meal. It can even appeal to senior dogs whose sense of smell has now lessened with time. 



wet dog food

Provides benefits to health

Wet dog food is highly nutritious and provides a balanced meal for our pooches. It contains a higher water content which is an added advantage for pooches suffering from urinary problems and who do not drink much water. It does not contain any preservatives and artificial colouring. Preservatives like BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin are added to dry and canned wet food to lengthen the shelf life of their products. 


wet dog foodDecreases bloating issues

Wet food is not easy to swallow, and it does not inflate as it will not absorb fluids in your pooch’s tummy. Since it has higher water content, it would keep your dog away from rushing towards the bowl of water right after the meal. As a consequence, dogs on a wet food diet notice a reduction in bloating.


wet dog foodProvides variety

Wet food has ample options. Your furry friend will appreciate this variety of food to choose from. It has a range of flavours, aroma and textures that will keep your doggo happy and love his nutritious, savoury meals. Try Benny’s Bowl recipes, for meals packed with wholesome nutrition and flavourful delight for your adorable canines.

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